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Increasing complexities in the legal stage of debt recovery and financial dispute resolution impede the team’s efficiency and effectiveness. The challenges include searching for cases across multiple disintegrated sources, such as databases, court websites, and external platforms that are manual, time-consuming, and inefficient. Locating relevant cases also becomes difficult with the vast number of cases filed daily across different jurisdictions. The absence of a centralized system can lead to gaps and inefficiencies in case management. Missing a critical update or new case can have significant repercussions, from losing a competitive edge to facing unforeseen legal challenges. Finally, it can be challenging to keep track of court orders, upcoming hearings, and case status. These hurdles not only slow down legal actions but also increase the risk of overlooking critical information.

Timely information is essential for making informed decisions, strategizing effectively, and providing the best possible representation for clients. Therefore, having a reliable system to track and manage these updates is not just beneficial but essential for maintaining excellence and integrity in legal practice.

Case Finder, a unique and industry-first capability of Credgenics Litigation Management System (LMS) is set to transform how legal teams discover, manage, and monitor cases, including financial dispute resolutions. This groundbreaking solution from Credgenics offers a seamless, efficient approach to handling the complexities of legal research and case monitoring. Case Finder enables users to work more productively and smartly by simplifying these essential procedures.

Search, save, and track cases easily with Case Finder

Case Finder is more than a search tool. It is a comprehensive case management solution designed to streamline and transform the resolution of financial disputes. With Case Finder, users can quickly search for cases within the Credgenics platform without the hassle of navigating multiple external sources. Let’s explore some of its key features:

1. Fresh cases: Stay ahead on the new case developments

The Fresh Cases feature of Case Finder empowers legal teams to stay ahead of new case developments in their areas of interest. It allows them to instantly conduct and locate new court filings or search by party name or case number with ease. By receiving real-time notifications and email alerts for newly filed cases matching specific keywords, Case Finder ensures that critical updates are never missed. Here’s a detailed look at its capabilities:

Defining specific keywords

Users can customize their search by creating a list of keywords relevant to their practice areas or client needs. They can set specific filing date ranges to target the most pertinent periods, whether focusing on recent cases or needing a broader historical view. By refining these search criteria, users can effectively filter out irrelevant results, focus on the most recent and applicable cases, and significantly improve their search efficiency.

Discovering fresh cases

The Fresh Cases section displays newly filed cases that include specified keywords in their titles. It provides access to new court filings across various jurisdictions. Users on a predefined list receive daily email notifications with details of cases detected for the first time.

Refining search with advanced filtering

Users can refine results using multiple filters, including hearing date range, case status, and court name. Additionally, they can search within Fresh Cases by party name or case number to quickly find specific cases

Bulk export

Users can select and export multiple case details for offline analysis or reporting. The exported file is sent via email, facilitating easy sharing with team members or clients.

Saving fetched cases & bookmarking

Users can save important cases from both the Fresh Cases and Find Cases (Bookmarks) sections for quick future access. This feature allows users to easily retrieve and review significant cases later.

2. Saved cases: Centralized repository for case management

The platform allows users to save the identified cases for future reference, ensuring easy access to vital information, including case timelines and hearing orders. With saved cases, users can view and download date-wise orders, access comprehensive case timelines with hearing details, and efficiently filter and search cases by filing date range, hearing date, status, and court. They can also search by petitioner, respondent, and case number. Additionally, users can bulk export case details, receiving the export file conveniently via email.

Case history tracker and timeline

Users will be able to view and download date-wise orders for saved cases. They can also access a comprehensive case timeline showing hearing details and orders chronologically.

Smart filter and case search

Users can filter saved cases by filing date range, next hearing date, case status, and court name. They can also search cases using the petitioner’s name, respondent’s name, or case number for quick retrieval.

Bulk export

Users can export details of multiple saved cases at once using the Bulk Export option. They will receive the exported file via email for easy access and sharing.

3. Add case to platform: Seamless integration for real-time tracking

The Add Case to Platform feature takes case management to the next level by fully integrating external cases into the Credgenics workflow for comprehensive e-court tracking. This powerful tool allows users to add cases to the platform, link them to Loan IDs and Client customer IDs, and access real-time loan data. Once integrated, they can leverage all platform features for these added cases, providing a unified view of external cases within the Credgenics ecosystem.

By addressing these key areas, Case Finder not only solves the challenges faced by legal teams but also transforms the entire case management process into a streamlined, efficient, and proactive system.

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Benefits that empower legal teams

Case Finder is a strategic solution for all legal professionals handling financial disputes. The tool provides a comprehensive 360-degree view of each customer’s legal and financial status, effectively addressing key challenges in the legal field. This holistic approach enhances overall case management efficiency and client service. Here’s how it benefits your team:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Say goodbye to endless searching across multiple sources. Easily locate and manage cases in one unified platform.
  • Stay Informed: Stay up-to-date with the latest case developments via daily email notifications.
  • Real-Time Insights: Track case status and updates directly from the eCourt, enabling proactive decision-making.
  • Streamlined Workflow: Reduce dependency on external sources for case details, ensuring more accurate and complete information within the team.
  • Improved Decision-Making: Leverage informed strategic decision-making with comprehensive case details and timelines.

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Case Finder: The future of legal case management

Case Finder, integrated within Credgenics’ Litigation Management System, exemplifies a dedication to transformation and innovation in managing legal processes. Addressing fundamental challenges encountered by legal teams, this tool simplifies case management and empowers them to operate with greater efficiency and effectiveness in financial dispute resolution and litigation management.

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