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For driving efficiency and strategic goals in today’s dynamic business operations, seamless integration of new age report builders is increasingly in demand. This trend extends to the collections industry, which often grapples with the challenges of manual and time-consuming report generation. Recognizing the significance of accurate and timely reporting, the Credgenics Collections Platform provides an easily customizable Report Builder. This transformative tool is designed to provide a comprehensive reporting solution that empowers collections teams with insights, streamlines decision-making, and ensures compliance with the highest industry standards.

The complexity of reporting in debt collections

The intricacies of debt collections demand the handling of extensive data sets, that include debtor information, payment histories, and communication logs. Effective reporting not only expedites data-driven decision-making by revealing business insights and trends but also enhances the overall collections performance. By providing collections leaders with a better assessment of individual and collective achievements, efficient reporting helps to boost debt collections agents’ performance, with informed target setting, and timely identification of improvement areas. This visibility within the collections process facilitates the implementation of specific solutions to overcome challenges or bottlenecks, ultimately driving higher results. It enables collections leaders to strategize better, identify top-performing channels, agents, and templates, and optimize their approach for enhanced overall collections performance.

Comprehensive reporting through Credgenics Report Builder 

Credgenics offers a range of solutions to streamline the reporting and data management within collections processes. The platform provides module-wise reporting with customizable filters, enabling users to access specific data for their reports. Credgenics offers Litigation Reports, Summary Reports, and Activity Reports for simplified data handling.


Data security and accessibility

To ensure data security and regulatory compliance, the Credgenics Collections Platform incorporates role-based access. Users can access reports based on their hierarchy in the system settings, preventing unauthorized access to sensitive information. Additionally, the Report Builder includes masking of loan-level fields, ensuring that users can only view relevant reports based on their hierarchical permissions. This feature safeguards the platform against regulatory concerns and data security risks.

Efficient scheduling and configuration

Time management is crucial for informed decision-making. Credgenics Report Builder enables users to schedule reports on a daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis, ensuring timely reporting. This automated scheduling feature ensures that reports are generated and delivered promptly, facilitating well-informed actions and strategies.

Action-oriented insights with Credgenics Report Builder

Credgenics Report Builder is a transformative tool designed to provide customized and simplified collections reporting. With specialized modules catering to various aspects of collections, including calling, legal, Feet on Street, settlement, and payments, it facilitates vertical, horizontal, and module-specific reporting. Generating insightful reports is remarkably effortless, requiring only a few clicks. For example. field collections leads can analyze the number of notices delivered and no. of visits done for collections by field agents in 2 separate reports, through the Credgenics CG Collect Mobile app. Instead of sifting through 30-40 columns for en efficient field force tracking, they can selectively choose notice and payment attributes to generate customized reports.

The intuitive interface of Report Builder ensures seamless report generation for users at all levels of the collections team. It empowers supervisors to anticipate challenges and allocate resources effectively through scheduled and automated reporting. Moreover, it empowers leads to identify challenging areas for agents and implement strategies to enhance borrower and agent experiences.

Seamless compliance and tailored reporting

Credgenics Report Builder ensures adherence to industry standards and legal requirements by providing a transparent audit trail. Tailoring reports to suit the preferences and needs of various stakeholders becomes achievable. Users can select specific data fields, arrange columns logically, and customize reports by eliminating irrelevant fields. Additionally, collections supervisors can monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), rewarding success while identifying areas for improvement.

Embrace the efficiency of Credgenics Report Builder

Actionable insights and data-driven strategies are necessary to stay competitive in the dynamic realm of debt collections. Efficient reporting empowers collections teams to proactively respond to changing market dynamics and borrower behaviors. It equips collections leads with essential information to optimize their processes, maximize recoveries, and enhance borrower experience with personalized outreach.

Bid farewell to manual compilation and embrace the efficiency of Credgenics Report Builder. Its cutting-edge features bring simplicity, customization, and automation to your collections reporting process. Unlock the true potential of your collections data, stay ahead of challenges, and elevate productivity with Report Builder. 

To learn more about this game-changing tool and revolutionize your collections processes, contact us at Discover the power of Credgenics Report Builder and elevate your collections reporting performance today.

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