Debt Collections Platform
Debt collections

The future of collections is digital-first and data-driven

Over the past decade, the financial services sector has evolved tremendously, thanks to developments such as access to smartphones, internet penetration, simpler digital payments, data sharing, financial inclusion initiatives, and the rise of FinTechs. One resulting trend is the advent of new lending models that didn’t exist earlier. For instance, a person seeking a loan to pay for an expensive…

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debt collection through automation
Debt collections

How to Improve Debt Collections through Automation?

Debt collections is an important pillar in lending as it directly impacts the lender’s overall revenue and profitability. Growing purchasing power is accelerating the consumption of debt-based products in India, thereby, creating a promising growth opportunity for lenders. But at the same time, the need to recover debts is also increasing due to multiple factors. This brings forth the need…

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NBFC Credit Collections

Time for NBFCs to re-think their credit collections approach

In the last decade, the financial sector in India has seen a paradigm shift in credit growth with Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFC) acting as the key catalysts in this growth. As per data from the RBI, on March 31, 2021, the NBFC sector (including HFCs) had assets worth more than INR 54 trillion, equivalent to about 25% of the asset…

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Bad Debt Recovery Services
Debt recovery

Strategies and Tools For Bad Debt Recovery Services

Strategies for Debt Recovery Each and every individual working in any sector wants to earn money and the companies that lend money(loan) to such individuals for various purposes are no different. In order to make money/gain profit, it is imperative for lending companies to formulate prudent and well-considered strategies as to how the Bad Debt Recovery Services ought to take…

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