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Financial institutions face numerous challenges in managing multiple loan portfolios for collections and extracting the desired insights. For quick comprehension and effective decision-making, debt collections team leaders need quick access to crucial information. However, given the wide range of data that collections teams must manage, relying solely on central data storage might be ineffective. This is where Loan Portfolio Customization is crucial because it makes it easier to analyze borrower data, ensures successful debt collection, and improves the performance of collections agents.

Recognized as the Best Selling Retail Collections Platform by the IBSi Annual India Sales League Table 2022 and 2023, the Credgenics Collections Platform is designed to address intricate collection scenarios across both pre-due, early delinquency, and post-due buckets, including portfolios involving write-offs and settlements. A novel feature of Portfolio Customization with Credgenics Collections Platform grants users the flexibility to tailor the loan portfolio page and exercise control over specific columns based on roles and filters.

The Imperative of Loan Portfolio Customization in a Comprehensive Collections Technology Platform

Efficient prioritization:

Debt collections leaders grapple with the task of prioritizing borrowers based on time and resource allocation to optimize the debt collections efficiency while reducing the cost and time involved. The loan portfolio customization feature of the platform expedites this prioritization process by easily identifying accounts that necessitate personalized human interaction and those that can be managed through automated reminders. By leveraging advanced machine learning-based segmentation and intent-to-pay analysis, team leaders can identify borrowers likely to make timely payments, enabling them to concentrate their efforts on those requiring multi-channel contact. Advanced analytics empowers users to prioritize loan accounts for collections by filtering and sorting variables such as risk score, geography, language, and demography.

Transparency and confidentiality:

Although the Credgenics collections platform provides collections teams with a comprehensive view of loan data, the visibility of this data must be tailored based on the user’s position within the organizational hierarchy. The platform provides total transparency while protecting sensitive borrower information with 100% Personally Identifiable Information (PII) privacy. This is done by matching data security measures with user roles, access rules, and their hierarchical position.


Portfolio Customization on Credgenics Collections Technology Platform

Strategic planning through customized sorting:

By classifying portfolios according to factors such as missed payments, borrower contact frequency, demographics, and agent interactions, an accurate picture of portfolio performance can be obtained. Sorting and organizing the columns that relate to these factors allows for better planning of upcoming outreach initiatives, which ultimately results in more successful collection strategies.

Refined views for streamlined data analysis:

For collection teams, effectively filtering, sorting, and parsing large datasets is crucial. However, predefined column sets might limit how managers can organize and choose which data to analyze. With its 250+ dynamic filters, Credgenics collections platform gets around this restriction. The dynamic loan portfolio customization empowers supervisors to adapt data analysis to evolving requirements, streamlining loan allocations in real time without any unnecessary planning or hasty interventions.

Enhancing debt collections workflows for quick resolution and recoveries:

The significance of loan portfolio customization is huge, considering the diverse schema of loan portfolios, the multitude of columns across distinct Lines of Business (LoBs), and the depth of data accessible to banks and financial institutions. For creating superior collection workflows, advancing resolutions, and maximizing recoveries, a robust customization feature is essential.

Advantages of dynamic Loan Portfolio Customization:

Augmented cross-functional visibility

This feature enhances visibility, fostering improved outreach strategies across various functions within the organization.

Comprehensive portfolio insights

Collection leaders gain a comprehensive view of portfolios, facilitating swifter decision-making and more effective collection strategies.

Tailored report and analysis

Credgenics collections technology platform offers effortless report exports in the desired format that is customizable to meet the specific user requirements. These exports are meticulously supervised through the requisite permissions to prevent any inadvertent release of sensitive information.

Establishing personalized customer engagements for debt collections

Borrower portfolios furnish debt collection teams with invaluable customer insights. By gaining precise insights into customer segments, collections teams can prioritize their endeavors and tailor strategies to bolster customer relationships and business value.

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Concluding Thoughts:

Effective loan portfolio management is greatly facilitated by loan portfolio customization offered by the Credgenics Collections Platform, which also enables collection teams to optimize their processes and produce better outcomes. The portfolio customization feature of the Credgenics Collections Platform offers the flexibility and efficiency required to navigate intricate collections scenarios successfully. By harnessing advanced technologies and insights driven by data, financial institutions can streamline their collections processes, enrich customer experiences, and achieve expedited debt recoveries. With the Credgenics Collections Technology Platform, collections teams can adeptly adapt to the evolving dynamics of the market and cement their status as industry trailblazers in inefficient loan collections management.

Author: Piyush Gupta (PM- Credgenics)

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